Best sugar glider cages review

You will need to purchase a sugar glider cages to house pets in. Even though this pets are such small creatures growing to a maximum length of only 8 inches and weigh 100 to 160 grams in their adult years they still need a large starter cage to live in.

The standard starter cage size is 2x2x2 feet.

Sugar Glider Cages

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Since sugar gliders like jumping while moving around a lot, height is more important than width for the cage. They will appreciate a tall cage more than a big one. This pets don’t bite into their cage like hamsters would, so metal constructions are not necessary.

This pet cages are usually plastic cages made of a material called PVC. They are not galvanized nor lined with epoxy that has zinc in them. Zinc causes poisoning. This is why using metal birdcages or rabbit and hamster cages should never be recommended for this pets.

Plastic PVC made of wire mesh is the best and safest material for any construction you want to buy or build. Since this pets are tiny little creatures, they need wire mesh for their cage, not bars.

The distance between the wire mesh should not be more than one half inch because anything wider will allow the sugar gliders to squeeze out of the cage and soon be running around your house.

This pets are very active and love playing around it. Having just a wheel will not be enough for them. Make their new home more fun and give them the opportunity to remain active by attaching parallel bars, twigs, balls and other toys for them to jump around on or attach themselves to while moving around the sugar glider cages.

Make sure that the cage has a water tub they can drink from. The floor of this construction can be covered with two possible kinds of material – paper or pine shavings. Any standard newspaper or cardboard will do. Another floor surface for the cage is pine shavings.

Make sure to use just pine shavings and not cedar. Cedar shavings are dangerous because they emit toxic fumes that are not healthy for this pets.

Regarding latches or locks: make sure that the latches on the cage are attached on well, and you choose the right locks because this pets are good at picking locks and with the wrong lock will able to open it and be running around the house without you even knowing it.

As your pets get older, you will need to build them a bigger sugar glider cage. Always remember that height is important more than width so that they can glide around the cage. Have lots of toys and accessories for them to play with.

At some point when the sugar gliders are already comfortable, the next step is to bring them out of their cage and allow them to have the freedom to explore parts of your house. Two things to remember when your pets are running around the house: make sure that they can’t get inside the bathrooms and into open toilets.

It’s dangerous for them to fall off on open toilets. Also, make sure that they can’t have access to chocolates. Chocolates are dangerous to this pets. As long as all toilet seats in the house are turned down and there are no chocolates around for them to accidentally munch on, then they can run around the house safely.

So now you know how to find good sugar glider cages for your pet.

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