Benefits of Dog B12 Injection

Pets are an important part of the family. They bring joy to the home and they also teach the kids how to be responsible by entrusting the care of pets to them. Dogs also serve the purpose of guarding the house and protecting family members.

As such, extra effort should be taken in caring for the dogs. Aside from providing proper food, immunizations and shelter, it is also imperative to give the dog B12 injection.

Dog B12 Injection

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Vitamin B12 as we know serve several important functions such as keeping the brain functions in good shape. Aside from this, it also has a part in metabolic functions as well as energy and appetite booster. Vitamin B12 is abundant in meat and meat products and so dogs usually receive them in steady amounts.

There are conditions though that inhibits the digestion and absorption of vitamin B12 in dogs. Bacterial overgrowth, increase toxic metabolites and deficiency in enzymes can play a part in the dog’s failure to digest and assimilate this vitamin.

If uncorrected, Pernicious Anemia can develop which can cause several complications such as seizures and loss of appetite to name a few. Giving the canine the injection corrects the disorder associated with the deficiency of Vitamin B12.

Aside from this, giving the dog b12 injection also helps to cure bacterial growth, decrease toxic metabolites as well as increase stores of this vitamin in the liver.

This procedure is given on a weekly basis usually over a six week period. The dose is usually 400 micrograms per 10 kilogram of the dog’s body weight. It can be given intravenously of intramuscular depending on the dog’s need. After the six week period treatment, the dose of injection is slowly tapered to every few weeks to every month.

Canines with chronic conditions that hamper the absorption and digestion of Vitamin-B12 will need to have it every month. Even healthy dogs must receive such injections every month.

Vitamin B-12 keeps the neurons well insulated and so nerve impulses travel faster. This keeps the brain function optimum. Aside from this, giving a canine this injection helps with the synthesis of enzymes necessary to break down food and assimilate its nutrients to the body.

Moreover, it a great way to stimulate appetite especially for dogs that were under stress and cannot eat. Finally, canine B-12 vitamin injection also increases the dog’s well being and energy. This makes them great playmates for children and the whole family in general.

Giving this injection to your pet helps correct several ailments such as bacterial growth and toxic metabolites. What’s more, this procedure also prevents and treats anemia as a result of the lack in this vitamin.

Finally, giving the dog B12 injection increases the overall well being and quality of life of the pet that love and treated as a member of the family. Taking care of the dog is more than giving the basic; it also entails giving the best quality of care and the best quality of life.

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