Dog ear mites treatment methods

Dog ear mites

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If your pet is always scratching his ears, dog ear mites may be required. They are small parasitic insects that can affect the ears of dogs and cats. In fact, despite the name, cats are more often beset by this condition.

The ear canal is the mite’s residence of choice in your pet’s body, though they may also choose to live in other parts. The ear, however, is a prime location for them as they feed on earwax as well as skin dirt.

When mites burrow into this place, they cause inflammation in the area, resulting in the formation of new earwax. Untreated, this insects can affect your dog’s health so it is important to know the warning signs and treatment options.

Major Symptoms of mite infection

For dogs ear mites are a real pest that cause persistent itching sensations. Just because your canine is in uncomfortable does not necessarily mean that it has dog ear mites. The signs of this insects in puppies may be an ear infection, which young dogs are more prone to. But you can easily check, especially if you notice your dog developing the habit of excessive scratching.

Your canine may also start rubbing its face on the ground in an effort to relieve the incessant itching. It may feel some pain when it scratches the ears or when you inspect the affected area. If your dog has ear mites, the ears may emit a malodorous scent.

The excessive scratching may result in bleeding ears; your dog may also shake them so strongly that its efforts may burst some small blood vessels.

Before this happens, you should seek mites on dogs treatment. First, let’s take a closer look at the signs of a canine with this insects.

Signs and Symptoms

You do not have to have a veterinary degree to see if your pet has this insects. Simply inspect the ears of your dog and look around. If it has been infected, there may be some areas that are colored black or some dark red-brown combination: it will look like someone has sprinkled some coffee grounds.

Check around those colored areas, and you should see this mites even without a magnifying glass. They will look like scurrying white dots among the dark colored dirt.

You should check right away if your dog has mites as immediate treatment is imperative. These parasites can be extremely contagious and quickly pass from your canine to another pet. Fortunately, this mites do not affect people directly.

To be sure, you can bring your dog to a vet. The vet will use more accurate viewing instruments to form a more definite diagnosis. Mites on dog treatment can then be started; an untreated infection can cause more serious subsequent damage to your canine’s health.

The ears may become deformed due to the excessive scratching, and the eardrums and canals may suffer enough damage to cause deafness in your pet dog. In addition, the presence of this mites may also cause additional yeast and bacterial infections.

Treatment options

Your vet may prescribe treatments for the condition, and in addition, antibiotics may also be prescribed should there be any secondary bacterial infections. These ear mite treatments come in ear drop form, and can easily be bought at your local pet supply store or via our website online.

Before you apply this remedy, you will need to remove the dirt around your dog’s ears. You can use a thin cloth for this purpose, as well as cotton balls dipped in some kind of vegetable oil. Olive oil is perfect.

The medication can then be rubbed deeply into your canine’s ears. The treatment should continue for about two-three weeks to ensure that all the dog ear mites are killed off by the medication.

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