Get rid of skin mites on dogs

Also known as fur mites, skin mites on dogs are the bane of your dog’s existence. When looked at closely enough, these insects can be seen by the naked eye. There presence on the skin of a dog causes skin irritation, hair loss, and damage to the animal’s coat. A less official term for skin mites in dogs is walking dandruff.

Skin Mites on dogs

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Insects move around under the fur of the animal giving the impression that the animal has moving dandruff upon its surface. Naturally you would like to know, what exactly causes skin mites and how can the condition be managed?

Skin mites in dogs are spread by contact. Typically, this contact is with another infected canine or with an infected surface. Contact with an infected surface is the major suspect in most of the incidences. Canine insects can essentially live in the open – without a host for up to 10 days.

Thus, canines only need to come in touch with an infected piece of carpet or garment, and they will be well and truly infected.

Major symptoms

Diagnosis of skin mites on dogs is typically via the naked eye. Dog mites can also be diagnosed via the professional route. The professional route in this case will involve a vet using a magnifying glass to analyze the underlining coat of the pet.

The vet can also elect to take some samples of skin scrapping for purposes of analyses. The rudimentary approach to dealing with an infestation of a fur attack is typically dousing the canine with some flea control powder.

How to treat mites on dogs

The modern mite treatment for dogs involves the use of injection or oral interventions. This option is open to a select number of canine breeds because some of these interventions react rather adversely when administered in the system of some of these canines.

The vet is however best placed to elect what course to pursue. If you dislike medication and its sometimes harsh effects then you might elect to go the way of natural remedies. Below is a list of natural remedies.

You can elect to use a pesticide repellent, such as wormwood. This may come in the form of a mite shampoo for dogs but is generally stronger and more effective. Another natural remedy that you can essentially deploy is garlic. The antibacterial properties found in garlic essentially ensure that mites afflicting your canine fall by the wayside.

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A third natural remedy that you can deploy is the herbal ingredient Niamol. It works as an antiseptic and aides in the healing of the skin. This is another route open to those who elect to go the natural path.

Often starting out as ear mites in canines, these pesky parasites can quickly invade all of the skin. Hopefully, you now have enough resources to aide you as you do battle with skin mites on dogs.

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