Miniature English Bulldog puppies

The miniature english bulldog is one of the most adored dogs of all time. They are docile and friendly, and their amiable demeanor, coupled with their pudgy physique and smug face, make for adorable pets.

However, the average adult bully can become quite the big canine – a mature pet can easily weigh as much as 60 pounds. As such, folks who wish to have the funny and stubborn bull in their lives, but cannot handle such a heavyweight companion, might be in a dilemma.

Nice miniature canine: a hardy little critter with all the tenacity and antics of the full-sized bully, but in a smaller package.

Miniature english bulldog puppy

by cheekycrows3 under CC BY-ND


Our available canines, not to be confused with the Bulldog/Pug mixes called Miniature Bulldogs, are a separate pedigree altogether. True EB canines are not a mixed breed, as they were bred specifically down to size from English Bulldogs.

Compared to the burly English bulldog, an adult canine weighs just around 25 to 40 pounds, a good 35% less than its full-sized counterpart. They only grow as tall as 14 inches, just a couple of inches more than your average 1-foot ruler.

However, these miniature bullies still retain their large head, broad, wrinkly faces and short muzzles – characteristics that made this pets popular and adorable.

When you come home with a canine from us, you will notice its extremely affectionate temperament and loyal nature. They are extroverts and absolutely gregarious breeds; however, they need lots of your human attention to remain happy and content. The Miniature English Bulldog is a very good family pet and gets along with children, but may be a little bit wary of strange dogs.

Because of their snub noses, the breed tends to be a messy drinker, dribbling water everywhere from its dog bowl. Their facial structure also makes the breed a loud snorer, and because these sturdy canines pant a lot and end up gulping a lot of air, this pets tend to fart often – a characteristic that may not be polite for humans, but seem to be really endearing for the loveable Mini-Bulldog.

At times, these canines tends to be rather dominating, displaying headstrong leadership behavior and stubbornness. Because of this, coming home with one of bullies involves some knowledge in properly managing these kinds of doggie behaviors, especially while they are puppies.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

This canine is prone to some health conditions, so buying one should come with some awareness of these in order to take care of them properly.

Because of their short, pushed-back muzzles, the Mini-Bulldog does not do well in hotter climates. They are prone to heatstroke, and should therefore not be allowed to stand in the sun for too long, as they may suffer from deadly hyperthermia.

The folds of skin around their noses can also retain moisture, making it prone to infections. Grooming therefore involves really getting into all those crevices and making sure they are free of germs, slobber or food.

As with all canines, daily exercise is important for this pet in order to keep their weight optimum, and lessen any risks of cardiac problems.

Taking into consideration these details, coming home with one of our puppies will prove to be a huge pleasant surprise in its small, diminutive bully body.

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