Best English bulldog names

Sometimes it important to check popular english bulldog names list to give your puppy a really good name.

English Bullies are such characters. With their grumpy expression, chunky musculature and tendency to, well fart – there are tons of dog names to match the ones available here. To help you decide, here are a few tips in selecting a name perfect for your new burly companion.

Famous English bulldog names in Showbiz

English Bulldog names

by Amber Rosenbaugh under CC BY-SA


You’ve been hearing bulldog names since you were a kid, and what would be more awesome than to pick a nostalgic one for your dog? First, there’s Butch the Bulldog, the mean and ferocious monster that terrorized Pluto in Disney’s old cartoons.

Then there’s Hector, the muscular bully in Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera also made Spike popular in their classic Tom and Jerry shows. Naming your English bulldog after these animated archetypes is not only nostalgic, but fun and endearing, as well. Describing is Key!

If you’ve noticed, the English bulldog names of these cartoon characters all sound similar – Butch, Hector, Spike – they sound like big weightlifters heading straight out of the gym with grumpy faces and bulging biceps. They perfectly match what a bulldog looks like, and that’s what makes it apt.

The bulldogs available are big and healthy, with smug faces and tenacious but playful attitudes. Nicknames that bring those to mind like Puck, Buster and Gunther for boy bulldogs, or Olga for girls, will work perfectly.

The names don’t have to be human names, even – you can always call your stocky pal chunky, or if he likes to fart more than the usual bulldog does, stinky would be perfect. There’s Always Room for Irony.

Of course, part of the English bulldog’s appeal is its funny look and demeanor. To add a bit more humor to the mix, dog names that are ironic will go perfectly well for the bullies available here.

For boys, Einstein and Abraham are intelligent-sounding names and will work really well for the clumsy-looking English Bulldog. Delilah and Peggy Sue, on the other hand, sound like dainty little girls, which will be perfectly ironic for your girl bully’s stocky and butch appeal.

As mentioned, don’t just stick to human names! Imagine seeing a burly, female bulldog named Princess – how epic is that?

Of course, keeping in mind these tips on being descriptive or ironic will be perfect in choosing one based on celebrities or movie characters. Since the names are already publicly-recognizable, picking it for your dog will not only be perfect, but fun for everyone, as well!

An English bulldog named Elvis or Brando will be great as they remind people of these great actors who, at the prime of their lives, epitomized manliness and machismo. Archetypal movie or TV characters like The Game of Thrones Khal Drogo, or Harry Potter’s Hagrid or Madame Maxine would also be perfect, ideally complementing their stubborn and tenacious spirit.

At the end of the day, though, there is no right or wrong when it comes to English bulldog names. So long as you have fun picking out what matches your new best friend, and do it out of your love for them, then whatever name you’re happy with is the perfect one.

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